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We are a nonprofit organization, a network and a community for people who work with restoring the balance between animals, nature and humanity. One of our goals is to empower and support people who are working for a better world in various ways. Family Earth also strives to bring awareness to situations around the world. We arrange events and lectures educating people about the wellbeing of our planet. Our wish is to inspire people into living life in a more balanced way together with the planet.



We at Family Earth believe in the strength of each and every one of us. And how, by working together that strength can grow. We also believe that humanity needs to reconnect with animals and nature. It’s time to stop distancing ourselves from our home, Earth, and our fellow beings, the animals. All life is important and we need to take care of our home.

The initiator of Family Earth, Susanne Broända, has since childhood felt a close connection with animals and that connection has only grown stronger. She has been working with the wellbeing of animals and people for many years. Her focus is helping people to get more in touch with themselves, animals and nature itself.

One of the main reasons for founding Family Earth was that she saw and felt that there was a need for a network for people who work with the restoring of balance between animals, nature and humanity. Together we can work for a better today and a more balanced tomorrow.

Do you feel that it is time to take a stand together with like-minded people? Do you think it’s time to start acting upon the values of a better world, where all life is cherished? Then you are already a part of Family Earth.




We believe in a better world for everyone. We believe that everyone and anyone can do something and contribute in his or her own way. We are pieces of a giant puzzle, and in order to complete that puzzle, each and every one of us need to act upon the possibilities of tomorrow, instead of living in the past and focusing on what has been.

Humanity has moved past that point in time where singular individuals have been able to attain the most visibility or strength. It is time for us to come together. Because that is what it’s all about: showing the world that we exist, that we do what we do. Showing the world that we believe in a better tomorrow and that we are willing to work for it. It’s not about how much weight your name carries. It’s about what you do, and that what you are doing is coming from the heart.

The Family Earth network is about joining forces in a straightforward way. Both as a network that we know we can rely on for support, but also as a community where we can make decisions and take action together. If we want to take action together, we can achieve great things. Far greater things can be accomplished together than if they are done separately.


You can support us by becoming an active member of our network. By telling your friends and family about us and by liking and sharing our posts on social media, you support our work. You can also tip us about causes around the planet.



Founders of Family Earth

Photo: Aamod & Sophelia

Susanne Broända and Antti Vaaranmaa are the founders of Family Earth. They are passionate about the wellbeing of animals and they believe in the strength and uniqueness of each individual/earthling.

Susanne has always had a spiritual outlook on life and on the world. She grew up feeling that there is much more to life than what meets the eye and at an early point in life she strongly believed that everyone has a purpose. Which is something she still feels and believes. Today she works with helping people finding their inner voice, their love for life and their uniqueness by treatments, teaching and mentoring. She also works with animals by helping them get their voice heard and by helping people reconnect with them.

Antti grew up being very interested in art and in what art can achieve. He wanted to express himself and his way of seeing the world through colors and prints. Animals and nature have been recurring themes in his work. He is a thinker who wishes to find solutions in a practical manner. For him pure-heartedness and honesty are keywords, qualities that he sees when in contact with animals. Today he works with bringing colors and art to people in their everyday lives. Antti feels that the strongest way for him to have an impact on people’s opinions on animals is through his art and pictures but he also wants to help animals in a practical way.


Do you work with helping animals or nature? Do you work with bringing awareness in order to help reconnect humanity with animals and nature? Or do you work with helping people reconnect with themselves and with Life? Then you, your company or your organization can become a member of our network. As a member, a presentation of you will be displayed on our contacts page. Membership is free but we hope that you will help share the message of Family Earth. As a member, you will also have great possibilities of finding contacts to work with and learn from. To become a member, fill in the form.

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If you are not working with helping animals or nature but you feel that you want to be a part of Family Earth, then you can join us by becoming a supporter. As a supporter you will receive updates about the work of Family Earth and of the work of our contacts. You will be the first to know about coming events and lectures. Being a supporter is free. The more we are the stronger the message. To become a supporter you can fill in the form.

Join the Family Earth movement and help spread awareness.

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September 9th 2017 | Vaasa, Finland | Rock the Earth -it’s cool to care-



Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can join our family if you wish to be part of our network and get more visibility, making it easy for people to find you, learn more about what you do and donate to help your cause. If you wish to support the cause financially, you can visit our web shop or alternatively offer your support by sending a donation. If you wish to donate, you can choose to do so directly to Family Earth or to any of the contacts in our network.

By contributing, you are increasing the wellbeing of animals and nature. You are helping people who in different ways are trying to restore the balance of this planet.


Here you can donate directly to Family Earth; your donation will support our work, which includes raising awareness about the wellbeing and balance of animals and nature. We also support people who work with these causes in different ways.

You can make a difference.


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Olemme todella iloisia siitä, että työ jota tehdään Rock the Earth: it’s cool to care 2017 -tapahtumasta saaduilla varoilla on täydessä käynnissä 😊 Kiitos kaikkien hienojen messukävijöiden ja näytteilleasettajien pystyimme lahjoittamaan 1700€ Stall Falisalle. Se, että niin moni teistä tuli paikalle viime syksynä ilahduttaa meitä syvästi. Yhdessä loimme mahdollisuuden lapsille ja perheille saada aidon kontaktin eläimiin ja luontoon. Suuri ja lämmin KIITOS teille! ~~~~~ Valitettavasti meidän täytyy ilmoittaa, että (sairauden takia) Rock the Earth: it’s cool to care 2018 ei järjestetä. Toivomme uutta tapahtumaa vuodelle 2019. Voikaa hyvin ja pitäkää huolta itsestänne! Muistakaa empatia, sekä itseänne että kanssaeläviä kohtaan. •••••••••• Vi är mycket glada över att arbetet är i full gång med pengarna som kom in från Rock the Earth: it’s cool to care 2017 😊 Tack vare alla fina mässbesökare och deltagare kunde vi donera 1700€ till Stall Falisa. Det gör oss innerligt glada att ni var så många som kom på plats i höstas och att vi tillsammans skapat en möjlighet för barn och familjer att få en genuin kontakt till djur och natur. Stort och varmt TACK till er! ~~~~~ Tyvärr måste vi meddela att det inte blir något Rock the Earth: it’s cool to care 2018 (p.g.a. sjukdom) men vi hoppas att det blir ett nytt evenemang år 2019. Ha det gott alla och sköt om er! Kom ihåg empati, både gentemot er själva och mot era medvarelser.

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