What can YOU do to make this world a better place?

Yes, that’s the question isn’t it?
We here at Family Earth strongly believe that there are many factors to the answer for this question and we’re going to share the basics of our method with you.


• First: You have to start by taking care of yourself in a BALANCED way.

Find your inner voice and learn how to listen to it.
What’s important to you?
How can you work with your own well-being?
In what way can you get balance in your Life?

• Second: Look at your surroundings, your community, family and friends.

Find out how you can help them and how you can increase their wellbeing.
How are they doing?
Can they get better in touch with their well-being and Life?
In what way can they get in touch with balance in their Life?

Third: Pay attention to what you’re leaving behind after you.

Find your footprints.
What are the traces you leave after yourself?
Do you spread good vibes?
Do you put more energy into finding solutions or into focusing on problems?
How do you want to be remembered?

• Fourth: Be aware of your everyday choices.

Find your awareness and use it to look at Life.
What kind of Life are you supporting with your everyday choices?
Are you taking responsibility in and of your own Life?
Can you take a step out of your comfort zone?

Fifth: Start to act. And inspire others.

Find the strength, knowledge and heartfulness that lie within YOU and learn how to use these qualities.
In what way and where can you use your tools?
How can you keep your inner balance while focusing on the outer world?
What can you do to inspire others into getting in touch with Life?

What can YOU do to make this world a better place?

(When you work your way through these steps remember to include animals and nature as well as people.)


”We all have great possibilities and perhaps the greatest possibility of all is to take charge of our life, know our capabilities and live.”

Susanne Broända
Co-founder of Family Earth


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